Our Mission

Above all, we’re an organization dedicated to commercial vehicle and highway safety. While we provide methods and networks for communication and alerts for commercial drivers, remember, safety for everyone is the goal.

Checkpoint alerts are not intended to promote circumventing the law or avoiding DOT checkpoints and inspections. They are intended to provide awareness, and remind drivers to take the opportunity to check their vehicles for compliance with all appropriate safety regulations, conduct the necessary checklists and walkarounds, and in general, be safer and better prepared – before receiving a ticket. Checkpoint alerts can also keep drivers advised of potential traffic delays due to vehicle inspections, allowing them to adjust and communicate updated ETA information where indicated.

As safety on our nation’s highways is the goal, please note that we will not accept, or knowingly broadcast, locations of DUI checkpoints, so please don’t submit them.

Remember, commercial vehicle safety starts with you!

Safe travels,

The DOTCheckPoints team